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Wickerske Fractal posters*

Sphere of Light&Dark
   Limited print
Buying any of these and future prints
as a mural or wallpaper
belongs to the possibilities.
Please contact me directly for a custom offer
No shipping costs if you order via my website's contact form! Just click the envelope button on this page :)
Fractal design made in Apophysis fractal software and printed on wood-free paper.
  W: 591,4 mm
   H: 351,7 mm
Pre-order "Frosty Peaks" now from
Pre-order OrderlyChaos now from
Pre-order "submarineglassplants" now from
Pre-order "Atlas" now from
More designs available as pre-order! First ten pre-orders will receive two posters for the price of one. Order ten or more, and I will make a special price for you!
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