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Creative Electronic Music Inspirational Toy

Creative Electronic Music Inspirational Toy

PriceFrom €25.00
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Electronic music writing inspiration game

Analogue random generator for electronic sound and music inspiration (per single die) and MIDI bass note patterns (per two dice).

Crafted by hand and if requested, made with a custom pattern.


Choose from the following options:

- Kick package: 5 different kick drum envelopes to inspire your electronic music writing process,

- Bass set: 10 bass patterns on two dice,

- Kick & Bass set: both of the above two options together.

Comes with a set of instructions. Get your favourite music writing software (DAW) and play!


    These cubes are handmade and can be used as a game or writing tool for musicians for inspiration towards new music. There are three types of dice; one kick cube and two different MIDI/bass cubes. The idea is to simply roll the dice, and try out the combination pattern of kick and bass laid out before you. Of course, you're free to roll however often you'd like.


    Roll, write, play!


    Once they're yours, you can invent any game with any rules using these for your creative writing process, or simply to get the hang of the various different types of music you could make with these.
    Please note that the intent with these cubes has always been to use them for electronic music (from Techno to Drum&Bass to Psycore), but I'd love to hear what productions can be made with these in other styles!

    If enough people are interested, I'm considering making more drum cubes, including hi-hats and snares along with different patterns to use for them. So get one of the handmade ones NOW to tell your friends later that you were there in this magickal time of Wickerske's beginnings!


    Order yours now.


    As a webshop based in the Netherlands, I offer all customers a 14 day viewing policy from the moment of delivery of your order. You do not need to specify a reason for the return in this time period, provided that you have contacted Wickerske within 14 days of delivery of your order and have received a mailed return form to return your product. Products must be returned in the same condition as they were delivered to you, else the return of the product costs is not guaranteed. In general, you may expect returns to be dealt with within 30 days.


    Shipping to EU countries, Israel.

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