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About Me

Hi there!

My name is Ayarin von Wickerske. I'm a multidisciplinary artist, musician and creative mastermind currently based in the Netherlands.

I am committed to bringing about awareness and change in the people towards a more harmonious, ecological, and sustainable society. Big goals for one girl, but I have faith in the power of the communication of stable integrative knowledge and wisdom.

With a background in the natural sciences and academics, majoring in cognitive neuroscience and later moving on to cognition and artificial intelligence, I explored the corporate world of multinationals and consulting as any other graduate, experiencing first-hand the structure and machinery of these social systems that are both the cause and effect of our modern welfare and issues. Training there has provided me with valuable experience and insights into the workings of corporations, institutions, and other organisations.

When I am not teaching or advising others on these subjects, I focus on art, humanity, musical adventures and travelling. I enjoy philosophizing about life, nature, mankind, and the universe in general. Feel free to strike up a conversation about difficult subjects,
I'd be more than happy to
share thoughts and opinions!

As a crafting artist, I have listed some timeless products in my webshop, but of course you can always contact me for custom artworks and commissions. I also do Graphic Design and DTP work on request. For Etsy enthusiasts, I used to run a small Etsy shop where I am still contactable for commissions, but where I am currently not listing items. 

In addition to my visual artistry, I am also active as a DJ and music producer. I make psychedelic chillout, funky beats, and also do tougher styles like darkpsy and hitech. Check out my sounds here on my website or on SoundCloud. I am open for bookings!


NL74RABO 0325 4017 13

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