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Made-to-Order studiostoel

Made-to-Order studiostoel

PrijsVanaf € 609,00

Bestel uw eigen op maat gemaakte troon voor uw studio of werkstation. Word nooit meer beperkt door een stoelarm of een gebrek aan comfortabel oppervlak. Gemaakt van duurzaam PE-schuim type SG40 voor een lange levensduur en aangename demping.


    Order your own custom designed accompaniment to your studio or workstation. Never be constrained by a chair arm or lack of comfy surface area again. Made with durable PE foam type SG40 for long life and pleasant cushioning.


    Technical specs:


    This product is made to order and as such, you have a lot to choose from! The price for the most basic type, without a sewn leather pattern, but with a basic fabric or leather of your choice is what is listed as the default. This includes insured shipment to your address. You can upgrade this with any design, material, or variation that you can think of. 


    ⚞ First you may specify a type of wood that you would like for the case. Special materials are possible, just let me know and I'll make a price just for you. If you do not make a choice, I will choose something nice from the local stores.


    ⚞ Then, you can choose whether you would like a pattern to be sewn on top of your seat. Ideas welcome! This is supposed to be a durable, long-life seat, so go all out with your ideas ;) After you've made a a good visualization of the throne you want, write me your wishes! Depending on the complexity of the design, I will add some hours to the price.


    ⚞ I will ask for your weight to make sure that the seat is safe for you to stand on and sit on, even with the top part detached.


    ⚞ A last thing to take into account: I have used repurposed leather for the model shown. You may also choose a circular fabric if you like, which is strong, durable and made from recycled materials. The bonus is that after a long period of happy use, the product can be disassembled into its parts, which will then be recycled and repurposed as parts of new products. Of course, repurposing leather is a no-brainer. As the circular scene is young and blossoming, new materials will become available as development in this sector progresses.



    As a webshop based in the Netherlands, I offer all customers a 14 day viewing policy from the moment of delivery of your order. You do not need to specify a reason for the return in this time period, provided that you have contacted Wickerske within 14 days of delivery of your order and have received a mailed return form to return your product. Products must be returned in the same condition as they were delivered to you, else the return of the product costs is not guaranteed. In general, you may expect returns to be dealt with within 30 days.


    If your design is very specific, I will ask you to waive these rights before contractual payment.


    Verzending naar Nederland, België, Duitsland.

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